Assassin's Creed Initiates: A dumpster fire

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Totally broken piece of garbage. Was there really a need to create another webfront to work ontop of uplay, the stupid companion app and the game itself? 

What purpose does this serve other than confusing users and being incapable of working on the most base level?

It's a goofy, stupid side app that thankfully has no ties to any trophies or ingame content of merit. And since it doesn't, they really shouldn't have bothered. Because it's just another floating corpse in the poisoned well that is Unity.


More Assassin's Creed Unity Free DLC: American Prisoner Pack

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To get the American Prisoner Pack you have to follow this link

Then log on anytime on Friday November 7th between 9am - 6pm PST and you should get the American Prisoner Pack for free. Detailed picture below.

Interstellar Review - Udvar Hazy IMAX review

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Saw interstellar tonight at the Udvar Hazy 70mm Imax near Dulles.

With the exception of two conversations in the film that go on just a bit too long; like 28 seconds too long, I loved it. This movie was made for the big screen. If you see it, it must be on a proper IMAX. It's loud, visual and expertly crafted. Don't let stupid people spoil this film for you. Go see it yourself. Great marketing has allowed this film to maintain it's core story without being spoiled, don't let some fucking asshole on facebook or twitter take that away from you.

Also the Udvar Hazy has the actual ship they used for filming on display and an Oculus Rift experience that mimic's the movie experience.